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20th May 2021

Covid vaccine: the discussion around menstrual changes

Ahead of your covid vaccine appointment, you may have heard or read about some of the possible side affects you may experience such as fever, headache or more commonly a painful arm for a day or two after being vaccinated. There will be no mention of ‘changes to menstrual cycle’.

However, some women are sharing their personal stories on social media often related to how they have suddenly experienced ‘heavier-than-normal periods’ after having the COVID-19 vaccine. This discussion was first started by two doctors from the US on Twitter in February 2021, Dr Kate Clancy and Dr Katherine Lee.

Dr Kate Clancy, a medical anthropologist, shared her experience about her own unusually heavy period following the Moderna vaccine, and received dozens of similar messages in response. Her former colleague Dr Katharine Lee launched a survey documenting people’s experiences.

At present, there is not any evidence to report whether the vaccine is linked to menstrual changes, as this has not yet been studied.

Mr Narendra Pisal, our consultant gynaecologist reveals: “In our experience at London Gynaecology, these menstrual changes are transient and usually resolve within 3 cycles. This risk is far outweighed by the benefit of protection against the potentially serious COVID infection and we strongly recommend the vaccine for all women.”

Dr Victoria Male, a reproductive immunologist at Imperial College London told the BBC in the article ‘Covid vaccine: Period changes could be a short-term side effect.’ that, “Some post-menopausal women, and people taking hormones which stop their periods, have reported bleeding.” Therefore, according to the article, Dr Male is inclined to suspect there may be a physical reaction occurring.

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If you experience any bleeding that is unusual for you, we advise you to contact your GP, or gynaecologist. At London Gynaecology, we have a team of consultants who see patients at two convenient locations; The Portland Hospital in Central London and our new location within Austin Friars in the City of London.  To book a consultation please email our team on [email protected] or call 0207 10 11 700 (24hrs).

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