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5th April 2019

Walk To Work Day

Today is Walk to Work Day. If you can, why not take this opportunity to put on some trainers and try your commute on foot. It might take a bit longer but chances are you’ll feel better for it. Walking more regularly is great for our mental and physical health, and of course much better for the environment. We asked our fitness ambassador Ellie Baker some quick questions about the benefits of walking and how we should be doing it.

Is walking a good form of exercise? 

Walking is a good form of exercise, it is extremely accessible and people of all ages can do it.

What are the benefits for our physical and emotional health?

The physical benefits of walking are that it improves: fitness, cardiac health, builds stamina, reduces risk of diabetes, cancer, dementia, weight loss, vitamin D, improves circulation, posture, helps you sleep better and builds strong bones.

The mental benefits of walking are it alleviates depression, improves mood, releases feel good endorphins, reduces stress, reduces anxiety.  

How many steps do most people walk a day?  

The average person takes between 3,000-4,000 steps per day.

How many steps should we be walking a day?

Ideally people should walk around 10,000 steps per day.

What is a good speed to walk at? 

A brisk walking pace is 3.0 miles per hour / 5 kilometres per hour which is the 12 minutes per 1 kilometre. 

Is duration or speed more important in terms of fitness benefits; what else should we consider, e.g. heart rate? 

When it comes to fitness benefits when walking you will get more the faster you walk, however if you’re unable to walk very fast it would be better to walk for a longer duration of time.  30-60 minutes is good to aim for.  I wouldn’t consider heart rate when it comes to walking but I would go on how I feel. 

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